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Indian American Women in recent years have made their mark by breaking glass ceilings in the corporate world hence establishing and running successful businesses of all sizes and scopes, defying any gender biases that plague our society.

Yet even today women face obstacles in developing, learning and leading due to roadblocks set by cultural norms. So, it’s time to leave all the archaic gender discrimination behind and march forward proving our creativity, innovation, strength, resilience and solidarity.

For that reason, the Indian American Women Entrepreneurs Association (IAWEA) was formed. Our vision is to create a global community of women entrepreneurs who are caring, collaborative, and supportive and promote public perception of women business owners as decisive, strong, and innovative.

Our members provide a resource base for mutual respect and achievement, sharing their own experiences and learning from the experiences of others. With IAWEA-sponsored educational opportunities, our members build skills that help them to take their businesses to the next level.​

Cognizant of our mission to empower Indian American women entrepreneurs and business owners, the IAWEA is committed to assisting its members by –

  • Building a robust support network via member interaction and networking events;

  • Connecting members with sources of funding for business initiation and expansion, including cultivation of resources identifying financial institutions, government programs, and venture capital (VC) firms favorably inclined to women’s entrepreneurial ventures;

  •  Instilling confidence and ownership of accomplishments among members; and

  •  Changing perceptions and defying social expectations regarding the role of women in the world.





Stay tuned for exciting details, and additional benefits for members.
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Empowering the women around us.

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